Textbook Makers: A History of American Studio Craft by Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf
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Textbook Acknowledgments by the Authors

There follows a complete list of acknowledgments by the authors. The textbook itself contains a somewhat shortened list to accommodate design and space constraints. (Click here for a PDF document of these acknowledgments which can be downloaded and printed)

The Craft-Camarata

Frederick Hürten Rhead established a pottery in Santa Barbara in 1914 that was formally named Rhead Pottery but was known as the Pottery of the Camarata (“friends” in Italian). It was probably connected with the Gift Shop of the Craft-Camarata located in Santa Barbara at that time. Like his pottery, this book is not an individual achievement. It required the contributions of friends of the field, some personally known to the authors, but many not, who contributed time, information and funds to the cause.

Our funders:

Windgate Charitable Foundation / The National Endowment for the Arts / Rotasa Foundation / Edward C. Johnson Fund, Fidelity Foundation / Furthermore: a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund / The Greenberg Foundation / The Karma Foundation / Grainer Family Foundation / American Craft Council / Collectors of Wood Art / Friends of Fiber Art International / Society of North American Goldsmiths / The Wood Turning Center / John and Robyn Horn / Dorothy and George Saxe / Terri F. Moritz / David and Ruth Waterbury / Sue Bass, Andora Gallery / Ken and JoAnn Edwards / Dewey Garrett / and Jacques Vesery.

The people at the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design in Hendersonville, N.C., administrators of the book project:

Dian Magie, Executive Director / Stoney Lamar / Katie Lee / Terri Gibson / Constance Humphries. Also Kristen Watts, who managed the images, and Chuck Grench of the University of North Carolina Press.

Participants at second retreat at the CCCD, 2003, who brainstormed the original outline:

Glen Adamson / Garth Clark / Edward S. Cooke, Jr. / Diane Douglas / Andrew Glasgow / Vicki Halper / Martha Lynn / Jim Melchert.

Our advisory committee, especially Jim, Ned, Albert, Wendy, Tina & Wendell:

W. Scott Braznell, independent scholar / Wendell Castle, furniture artist / Edward S. Cooke Jr., Chair, Department of the History of Art, Yale University / Arline Fisch, Professor of Art Emeritus, San Diego State University / Andrew Glasgow, then of The Furniture Society / Peter Held, Curator of the Ceramics Research Center, Arizona State University Museum of Art / Robert Kehlmann, glass artist / Gyongy Laky, then Professor of Design, University of California at Davis / Mark Richard Leach, then Director of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design / Albert LeCoff, Director of The Wood Turning Center / Gloria Lieberman, Skinner, Inc. / Wendy Maruyama, Professor of Art, San Diego State University / John McQueen, basketry artist / Jim Melchert, Professor of Art Emeritus, University of California Berkeley / Michael Monroe, Director and Chief Curator of the Bellevue Museum of Art /Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass, The Corning Museum of Glass / Joyce Scott, artist / Kenneth Trapp, independent scholar / Jim Wallace, former Director of the National Ornamental Metal Museum / Gerry Williams, former editor of Studio Potter magazine / Anne Wilson, Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Katy Reed Basham, Melanie Bilenker, Christina Miller and Veleta Vancza.

The people at the American Crafts Council and its Library, especially:

Carmine Branagan, former executive director, David Shuford, librarian, and Michael McKay. The ACC Library is the only public collection of books and catalogues in the country devoted specifically to modern crafts. Without this invaluable resource, it would have been nearly impossible to write this book.

Patricia Abrahamian, independent curator / George Adams, George Adams Gallery / Jane Adlin, Metropolitan Museum of Art / Laura Alesci, PPOW Gallery / Marcia Anderson, Minnesota Historical Society / Lela Autio / Oliver Barker, The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation / Brandon Barrow, Max Protetch Gallery (and Josie Browne) / Karyn Behnke, McKee Gallery / Sarah Berman, Seattle Art Museum / Martha Bielawski / Roland Blaettler, Musée Ariana, Geneva / Terri Boesel, S.C. Johnson Company / Trish Bransten, Rena Bransten Gallery / Bif Brigman / April Brown, Morse Museum / Terry Bryson, Mingei International Museum / Tim Burgard, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (and Jill D’Alessandro) / Thea Burger, Thea Burger Associates / Ashley Brown Callahan, Univ. of Georgia Art Museum / Kathleen Campbell, Goldstein Museum of Design / Kate Carmel / Tripp Carpenter / David Cathers / Andrew John Cecil, Roswell Museum and Art Center / John Chapin / Chicago History Museum / Jerry Cohen / Bolton Colburn, Laguna Art Museum / David Conradsen, St. Louis Art Museum / Camille Cook, Friends of Fiber Art / Beverly Cory / Susan Cummins, collector / Aiko Lanier Cuneo / Charlotte Daley / Stacie Daniels, Mills College Art Museum / Kirk Delman, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College / John Digesare, San Diego Museum of Art / Robin Dreyer, Penland School of Crafts / Anita Duquette, Whitney Museum of American Art / Paul Eisenhauer, Wharton Esherick Museum / Mary Katherine Ellis, Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian / Helen Williams Drutt English, Helen Drutt Gallery (and Mihai Burlacu) / Lisa Englander, independent curator / Melody Ennis, Rhode Island School of Design / Patricia Failing, University of Washington / Jeannine Falino / Dapne Farago / John Farnach / Barry Fisher, collector / John French, Yale University Art Gallery / Michelle A. Francis, Penland School of Crafts / Dawn Frank, Milwaukee Art Museum (and Stephanie Hansen) / Susanne Frantz / Susanna Friedman, Thames & Hudson (and Jamie Camplin) / David Gabel, National Hispanic Cultural Center (and Tey Nunn) / Brian Gallagher, Mint Museum of Art / Wendy Goffe / Marjie Gowdy, Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art / Toni Greenbaum / Mary Griffin, Friends of the Rag / Tom Grotta and Rhonda Brown, Browngrotta Gallery / Randall Grubb, Pasadena Theosophical Society / Elizabeth Gulacsy, Scholes Library, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University / Derek Guthrie / Daniel Hamparsumyan, Loveed Fine Arts / David Hanks, David A. Hanks & Associates / Eunice Haugen, Minnesota Museum of American Art / Carolyn Hecker / Douglas Heller, Heller Gallery / Karyn Hinkle, Bard Graduate Center for Studied in the Decorative Arts, Design, & Culture / Bruce Hoffman, Snyderman-Works Gallery / Lawrence Hultberg / Sylvia Inwood, The Detroit Institute of Arts / William Itter, collector / Julia Brown Jackson / Carol Jacobs, Cowan Pottery Museum / Susan Jefferies, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art / Jay Jensen, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu / Nikki Josheff, Southern Highland Craft Guild / Bebe Pritam Johnson and Warren Eames Johnson, Pritam & Eames Gallery / Christy Johnson, American Museum of Ceramic Art / Rebecca Kasemeyer, Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, University of Wisconsin / Bill Keland, collector / John Kelsey, Furniture Studio / David Kencik, San Diego Museum of Art / Stuart Kestenbaum, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts / April Kingsley, Michigan State University Art Museum / Liza Kirwin, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution / Vance Koehler, Moravian Pottery and Tile Works / Charlotte Kornstein, Bellas Artes Gallery / Paul Kotula, Paul Kotula Projects / Susan Kowalczyk, Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art, Alfred University / Kathleen Kriegman / Susan Kriete, New-York Historical Society / John LaPrade, Maureen Littleton Gallery / Mary Law / Kelly L’Ecuyer, Museum of Fine Arts Boston / Rodney Leftwich, collector / Melissa Leventon, independent curator / Elaine Levin / Cathleen Lewis / Sara Lieberman, collector / Heather Lineberry, ASU Art Museum / Mike Linnemann, Weisman Art Museum / Karen Lucic, Vassar College / Kathy Luhrs, The Magazine Antiques / Mark MacDonald, Mark MacDonald, Ltd. / Brian MacElhose, Museum of Arts and Design / Mary MacNaughton, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College / Hope Makler / Pat Malarcher, editor, Surface Design Journal / Nancy Margolis, Nancy Margolis Gallery / Kathryn Martini, Everson Museum of Art / Patricia Martinson, Minneapolis Institute of Art / Scott Mathews, collector / Signe Mayfield, Palo Alto Art Center / Jenny McComas, Indiana University Art Museum / David McFadden, Museum of Arts and Design (and Jennifer Scanlan) / Jean McLaughlin, Penland School of Crafts / Denny Mecham, North Carolina Pottery Center / Forrest Merrill, collector / Marsha Miro / Charles W. Morris III, West Virginia State Museum / Lori Moss, Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center / Julie Muniz, Oakland Museum of Art / John Natsoulas, John Natsoulas Gallery / Harold Nelson / Mariah Nielson / Hanne Nielsen, Pewabic Pottery (and Sandy Koukoulas) / Winnie Owens-Hart, Howard University / John and Mary Pappajohn, collectors (and Sally Rollins) / Miry Park, Cowtan & Tout / Franklin Parrasch, Franklin Parrasch Gallery / Sunita Patterson, Fiberarts (and Liz Good) / Bruce Pepich, Racine Art Museum (and Dave Zaleski) / Suzanne Perrault, Rago Arts / Gayle Petty-Johnson, Walter Anderson Museum / Robert Pfannebecker, collector / Patti Philippon, The Mark Twain House & Museum / Vicki Phung, Frank Lloyd Gallery / Sarah Quinton, Textile Museum of Canada (and Roxane Shaughnessy) / Duane Reed, Duane Reed Gallery / Howard Risatti, professor emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University / Nicole Rivette, Toledo Museum of Art / Susan Roberts (and Annelies Mondi) / Ben Rosenblatt, Traver Gallery / Alyssa Rosso, Tacoma Art Museum / Georgina Ruff, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum / Holly Sabin, Perimeter Gallery / Linda Schlenger, collector / Donna Schneier, Donna Schneier Fine Arts / Evan Schneider, Oregon Historical Society / Judith Schwartz, collector / Piper Wynn Severance, L.A. County Museum of Art / Martha Severens, Greenville Museum of Art / Marie Seymour, Xerox Corp. / Allison Sheridan, University Museums, Iowa State University / Scott Shields, Crocker Art Museum (and Shyra McClure) / Barry Shifman, Indianapolis Museum of Art / Stephanie Sigala, St. Louis Art Museum / Claude Simard, Jack Shainman Gallery / Becky Simmons, Rochester Institute of Technology / Judy Skoogfors / Leslie Smith, University of Iowa Museum of Art / Paul Smith, former director of the Museum of Contemporary Crafts and American Craft Museum / Judy Sourakli, Henry Art Gallery / Sique Spence, Nancy Hoffman Gallery / Scott Steen, American Ceramic Society (and Charlie Spahr) / Jay Stewart, Trustee, Heath Trust (and Cathy Bailey, Heath Ceramics) / Cindi Strauss, Museum of Fine Arts Houston / George Thomas, University of Pennsylvania / Dave Thomas, Gebelein Silver / Jill Thomas-Clark, Corning Museum of Glass / Matko Tomicik, LongHouse Reserve / Karen Tsujimoto, Oakland Museum of Art / James Turk, New Jersey State Museum / Fred Tyler / Reagan Upshaw, Gerald Peters Gallery / John Vanco, Erie Art Museum / Kristin Villiotte, Fuller Craft Museum (and Gretchen Keyworth) / Andrea Waala, Museum of Wisconsin Art / Laura Wenzel, ASU Art Museum / Catherine Wilkins, Chazen Museum of Art / Gregory Wittkopp, Cranbrook Art Museum (& Rebecca Elliot) / Nikol Wuest, Hickory Museum of Art (and Lise Swenson) / Stacey Zwald, Oakland Museum of California / Peter and Linda Zweig.

And the many craftspeople who helped us along the way:

Mary Barringer / Jamie Bennett / Harriete Berman / Robert Ebendorf / Steven Ford / Warren Frederick / Donald Friedlich / Jenna Goldberg / Gary S. Griffin / Jeffrey Herman / Pat Hickman / Mary Lee Hu / Lissa Hunter / Daniel Jocz / Tom Joyce / Eva Kwong / Rebekah Laskin / Randy Long, Indiana University / John Paul Miller / Myra Mimlitsch-Gray / Lisa Norton / Maria Phillips / the late John Prip / Michael Puryear / Mary Ann Scherr / Marjorie Schick / Helen Shirk / Rosanne Somerson / Paul Stankard / Patti Warashina (and Dan Neish) / Alexandra Watkins and Nancy Michel of Atelier Janiyé / J. Fred Woell / Nancy Worden / Claire Yellin, Samuel Yellin Metalworkers

Thank you,
Janet Koplos
Bruce Metcalf